With MCM Plus system we provide – Document management, integration of existing documents (if possible), design, creation and hosting all in one place. Our specialists will assist you in every way.

Even though nothing more than an internet connection and web browser are needed to get started with MCM Plus, a system will have to be set up for your organization.
The creation of templates according your house style and user permissions also need to be defined.
Materials that have already been created will also be reviewed. If possible, we will import existing documents so they do not have to be re- created. This avoids wasting earlier investments.

The specialists from Techno Design IP or the system integrator have extensive experience in setting up the MCM Plus system and can assist you in every way. Many organizations that produce and sell products or services use marketing materials to support their sales. These include product leaflets, datasheets, catalogs, user manuals, posters, business cards and many different forms.

The rise of the internet and mobile devices means that your marketing materials also need to be available to your target audience through these new channels. Supporting this vast and rapidly-growing number of channels puts new demands on your marketing and communications departments. The Marketing Collateral Management (MCM) system enables the efficient development and use of all your marketing materials easily, efficiently and with a far lower cost than any other alternative.